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I'm Rick Takes, an engineering leader, entrepreneur and builder of cool things.

Passionate about engineering leadership, I build high-performing teams that deliver exceptional results. With a track record of cultivating cultures exemplified by high morale, low attrition, and strong engagement, I consistently motivate and inspire my teams to tackle complex problems that surpass deadline expectations without compromising quality.

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Career Highlights


As Head of Core Platform at Netlify I led a group of 60 engineers with 3 directors and 8 teams reporting to me directly. I also worked closely the SVP of Engineering to help set direction and culture for the larger 120+ person engineering team.

    Key Achievements
  • I was responsible for creating a culture of personal growth and career opportunities. I revised and built career leveling guidelines along with streamlining our hiring process and alowing us to open up more junior positions.
  • Drove a financial engineering program (FinOps) that resulted in millions of dollars in savings through observability, contract negotiation, cloud consolidation and ROI analyis.
  • Was integral to the strategic merger and acquistion of Gatsby Inc.

Spring (Formerly Teespring)

As the Head of Engineering and later the Interim VP of Engineering at Spring I grew the team from less than 10 engineers to 50+. In the process we built an amazing and diverse engineering culture.

    Key Achievements
  • Scaled the product and engineering teams from less than 10 to 50+.
  • Led the efforts to move from a monolithic architecture to a more modern, composable approach. We were able to support 8 million storefronts, billions of products and 100s of thousands of active users.

Redshift Digital

As the Head of Engineering at Redshift Digital I was the first engineering hire and tasked with building a strong Engineering offering.

    Key Achievements
  • Designed and executed on building an engineering department.
  • Grew the enigineering offering from 0 to more than 30% of the companies gross revenue in less than 2 years.
  • Had 100% retention of engineers over a 2.5 year period


At Cisco I was the Brand Exchange Strategist on the Global Brand and Governance team. In this role, I was in charge of strategy and execution for the Cisco Brand Exchange, a platform for sharing approved Cisco brand assets, delivering brand training, and providing guidance to vendors. I led a team of engineers to innovate on the platform, while also acting as Producer for several video series and other platform assets.

    Key Achievements
  • Designed and developed a digital brand guide to replace the static version
  • Produced a video series to educate and highlight key aspects of the Cisco brand
  • Led a team of engineers to maintain and innovate on the Brand Exchange Platform


I co-founded ParkMart, a design and development agency focused on building amazing web experiences and products focused on the non-profit and startup space.

    Key Achievements
  • Led the engineering arm of the agency including server management, cloud infrastructure, and technology consulting
  • Managed budgets, proposals, contracting, and sales
  • Was the lead architect and engineer on projects for customers such as Make-A-Wish, Cisco, Google, Adobe, Musicians on Call, the MS Foundation and more

Other Interests

In my free time I ride and re-build old motorcycles, restore retro video games, am an avid photographer, and generally love to explore the world.